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I am currently working as a Data Scientist at Calsoft Pvt. Ltd. and before that I was a Data Scientist Intern for the Calsoft itself. I pursued my Bachelors Degree of Engineering with specialisation in Computer Science.

On this site you’ll find out a lot about me, including my skills, achievements, interests and hobbies. Hopefully it’ll provide you with an insight into my strengths and capabilities, beyond that which you would find on my Facebook, LinkedIn, Stackoverflow, GitHub, Instagram etc.

I am also a YouTuber who upload videos related to Technology on my channel www.youtube.com/dipeshpal17 , a blogger at www.dipeshpal.com. I am also a Photograper, upload images to my instagram and other social media plateform.

There’s not too much use in going into more depth than this… everything is covered in lots of depth elsewhere! Take a quick look around.

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  • Birthday: 1 March 1998
  • Website: www.dipeshpal.com
  • City: Indore, India
  • Age: 22
  • Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
  • Business Email: dipeshpalofficial@gmail.com

I grew up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering from Acropolis Institute Of Technology And Research - AITR, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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A bar chart to visualize my tech skills, and proficiency levels. Updated frequently.

Machine Learning 80%
Python 85%
Web Development 90%
Tensorflow 80%
Pytorch 70%
Fastai 95%


Machine Learning Engineer skilled in Tensorflow, Fastai with 2-3 years of experience creating machine learning models and retraining systems and transforming data science prototypes to production-grade solutions. Consistently optimizes and improves real-time recommendation system. Consistently employs statistical methods and designs to yield real gains from model changes.

Work Experience

Data Scientist

July 2019 - Present

Innovative and deadline-driven Data Scientist with 1+ years of experience in Machine Learning.

  • Calsoft Private Limited
  • Software company
  • Pune, Maharastra

Data Scientist Intern

Jan 2019 - June 2019

Completed 6 Months of internship Machine Learning.

  • Calsoft Private Limited
  • Software company
  • Pune, Maharastra


Bachelor of Engineering

2015 - 2019
  • Acropolis Institute Of Technology And Research - AITR
  • Indore, Madhya Pradesh

PCM, M.P. Board

  • Karnataka Vidya Niketan
  • Indore, Madhya Pradesh

M.P. Board

  • Adarsh Shishu Vihar H. S. School
  • Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Title: Generative Adversarial Networks

Skill Used: Python, Machine Learning with Keras

Our goal is to create avatar for human faces, a person will upload his/her image and we have to create Avatar (cartoon image) for them according to their image. We have train the model using the images dataset of approximately 143,000 images of Human and Cartoon. We created the many different architecture of Neural Network, we use Deep Convolutional GANs (DCGANs), Conditional GANs (cGANs) and Discover Cross- Domain Relations with Generative Adversarial Networks(Disco GANS) to trained the model and also created some custom architecture. At the end we have successfully achieved 72% accuracy in training the model.

Title: Ticket Analyzer

Skill Used: Python, Machine Learning with Fastai

In IT industry tickets or bug is raised by the people then these tickets is handled by someone who belongs to some Team or Field. With the help of Machine Learning we can automate this task. We used NLP and Wikipedia trained ULMfit fastai model to fine tuned in our Ticket dataset to find out which ticket belongs to which team and which person. This automation helps to figure out exact team for the ticket and saves lot of time.

Title: Dog Breed Analysis

Skill Used: Python, Machine Learning with Keras

We collect dataset of 120 Dog's Breed and trained a model using Transfer Learning, we used VGG16 and RESNET34 for fine tuning. We also deploy the model on Web Application created using Django. We achieved 92% accuracy on training of model.

Title: Sentiment Analysis

Skill Used: Python, Machine Learning with Fastai and Keras

We have to find the sentiment of human by their text or voice, we need to predict the growth of any commodity (Oil, Stock Market etc.) by using user review, tweets etc. We have to collect data from various sources for real time prediction, so we scrap the news, tweets and predict the sentiment and visualize the results. For that we use dataset of IMDB Sentiment, Twitter Sentiment and US Airline Sentiment dataset for training of model. We use Fastai and Keras library to create the models, we use Facebook's Roberta, Google's Bert and some other model XLNet, ULMFit etc. to finetune the model. At the end we achieved 84% accuracy and created dashboard using Plotly for real time visualization.

Title: Steel Defect Detection

Skill Used: Python, Machine Learning with Fastai and Keras

We have to find the defects in steel sheet using ML, this automation approach can help industry to production of high-quality steel materials. So, we found the dataset of steel in Kaggel. For defect detection people having highest accuracy of 93% using fastai, we achieved 94% accuracy using Keras and for classification of defect we also achieved 90% accuracy. We create custom multi-branched neural network, custom data generator and custom loss function, all this methodology not yet available on internet.


Hobbies are a contradiction; they take work and turn it into leisure, and take leisure and turn it into work.

YouTube Video Creation

I started my YouTube channel on Feb 26, 2016. I love conetent creation for my channel, here I upload videos related to Tech, Mobiles, Computers, Machine Learning, Reviews, Unboxing and more.


Obviously, I love it. That's why I opted for this profession😉. I was introduced to programming in the early days of my college. Since then I've been switching and hopping between different frameworks and languages be it Web Development, C++, Java, Python and what not; but now It's all around Machine Learning and Python.


Photography is something that I always wanted to learn. I started clicking pictures in early 2018 under the name of #Oneplus. I share my clicks on instagram just to have a collection of my photos. I'm an avid photographer but I really want to become a professional one day.


Travelling is something that I am fond of since I was a child. I believe that travelling allows an individual to expand it's horizon. Travelling allows me to explore different cultures, meet new people, visit new places and above all this, it helps me to become a better human being.


Biking became one of my interest in the past year, when I bought my Royal Enfield Thunderbird X 350. Since then I've been riding often. I want to join some bike group and want to Enjoy bike rides on the tricky roads of Leh Ladakh :) well, its a dream.


Yeah, it is one of my hobbies. I played so many games in my life, from GTA Vice City t0 GTA-5. Well, Open World battleground games is one of my favourite.


Website Development

We have a team of developers, we can provide you responsive and fast website, you can contact us on "dipeshpalofficial@gmail.com"

Machine Learning Projects

I am a professional Data Scientist, I can provide you insight you from your data. Perform analysis on your data and we can also provide you Machine Learning models using frameworks like: Tensorflow, Pytorch, Fastai. You can contact us on "dipeshpalofficial@gmail.com"

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Indore, India